Venue Sales

The internal sales processes of a venue hire team can play a large part large part in its success and ability to achieve targets. Areas that can be covered include:

  • Working with the team to identify where time is taken up with onerous tasks or unnecessary organisational administrative processes
  • Delivering a benchmarking review of other venues to ascertain whether the offer of the venue is correct
  • Developing the fees structure to ensure that the venue is in a position to generate the maximum income that it can
  • Developing special packages that appeal to potential clients
  • Streamlining administrative processes such as client application forms, venue hire contracts and invoicing
  • Developing databases that record vital sales information
  • Developing templates for sales responses via email or phone
  • Training the team on the best ways to respond to clients over the phone, on email and in person
  • Developing scripts for site visits
  • Creating and installing KPIs to measure enquiries, response times, site visits and confirmed business